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The EastNets is a global leading provider of compliance and payment solutions and services with headquarters in Dubai, and 16 offices across Europe, North America, the Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

With over 1,000 customers in 120 countries, including 22 of the top 50 global banks, EastNets has gained the trust that comes with delivering excellence, strategic advantage and measurable results to financial institutions, corporates and government agencies. EastNets’ diverse global footprint and partner network provide the manpower to meet and respond to both the local and global needs of its customers.

SIDE commercialises its software through an international distribution network or directly depending on the country.You can obtain the list of dealers by contacting us or via our web site

For over 25 years, EastNets has been committed to helping businesses transform the way they manage risk and complexity. With EastNets, businesses can turn to one company to enhance risk control with solutions that strengthen processes for improved financial crime protection, transparency, resilience and regulatory controls.

EastNets delivers a suite of compliance solutions and services that can be leveraged through a single platform for improved financial crime management and regulatory control.

EastNets offers first-in-its-class solutions for financial institutions and SWIFT users to strengthen processes for improved connectivity, transparency, and resiliency.

EastNets provides electronic fund transfer (EFT) point of sale (POS), and identity management solutions designed to make it faster, more secure and convenience for you and your customers to process and deliver transactions through electronic channels.


  • Products and universal services such as the OFAC Multi-lists System for Traffic Filtering server.
  • Products and services completing the SWIFTAlliance and SWIFTNet functionalities.
  • Products and services enabling the integration of SWIFTAlliance within financial institutions.
  • Products and services enabling migrations from ST400 or rival interfaces to SWIFTAlliance.
  • Assistance for SWIFTNet migration (full service:software +hardware +service).
  • Preventive maintenance on SWIFTAlliance servers (System Care).







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