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Omikron Hungary

Since starting business in 1983, Omikron Systemhaus has concentrated on the development of standard software for banking applications. The Omikron Group consists of several affiliated companies in Cologne, centring on Omikron Systemhaus GmbH & Co., as well as international subsidiaries, such as Omikron Hungary Ltd. The Omikron Group that has become one of Europe's leader software houses of electronic banking solutions, has a strong European partner network which ensures Omikron products are fully customised to local requirements and forms the basis of a successful positioning in each market.

The Omikron Hungary Ltd founded in 1998 represents Omikron Group in Hungary. The Hungarian subsidiary is a fully entitled distributor of banking and automation software developed or supplied by Omikron Group.

Our company does not only distribute own developed programs but also provides solutions for almost all areas of international financial business. Besides, we are also on the market of the electronic banking applications and of the other solutions for automating financial activities.

Our highlighted product range compasses e.g.:

  • Electronic banking applications
  • Home banking
  • Internet banking
  • Document handling and archiving
  • Account reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of money market deal confirmations
  • Reconciliation of securities deal confirmations
  • S.W.I.F.T. connection
  • VIBER (RTGS) connection


Today, the products, represented by Omikron Hungary, are used by more than 1100 banks worldwide, both large and small, in 90 countries. In Hungary, approximately 80% of the banks have been using one of our products.

Omikron's colleagues provide a full-scale support from installation through education to continuous maintaining..