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The company

H&S Heilig and Schubert Software AG has been developing software solutions for capturing, archiving, managing and distributing business documents and information with ECM (Enterprise content Management) since 1989. The company headquarters are in Vienna.

The unique ECM solutions are tuned to industries and their specific business processes as well as the respective technological infrastructure. Field-tested interfaces to SAP R/3, Navision, Varial, Microsoft, Lotus Notes or the OS Mainframe World ensure that projects progress quickly and efficiently.

H&S Heilig and Schubert Software AG is a private limited company and an independent producer. The company has subsidiaries and partners in Slovakia, Italy, Germany, USA, UK and Australasia.

Product, Development, and Research

The core business of H&S is electronic document management and the subsequent associated technologies.Our target is to set trends with innovation and H&S is currently working on the next generation of PAM-STORAGE. We reach our goals by exceeding limits. Product management and research is the key. H&S is an integral project partner and can also offer hardware solutions if necessary.

Sales and Internationalization

H&S is aware of its responsibilities to their customers, business partners and employees. Subsidiaries stay in permanent contact with our headquarters in Vienna.

Personnel and Training

We know that excellent work can only be done by highly qualified employees. H&S believes that the best can always get better and offers internal training programmes for both its staff and partners.