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Omikron Systemhaus

Omikron Systemhaus GmbH & Co. was founded in 1983. Since then, Omikron has become established as a leading and most experienced supplier of Electronic Banking solutions and operates worldwide.

Omikron develops standard software for banks and their clients. The internationally established Electronic Banking system MultiCash offers solutions for the financial activities of mid to large corporates. On the bank side, the Omikron Communication Platform covers the entire spektrum of national and international Electronic Banking services for all customer segments. Both products support all widespread European standards for Customer-Bank communication and incorporate most European payment formats.

Building on this successful product range, Omikron offers its corporate customers bank-independent solutions for automated payments, cash management and workflow optimization. Omikron can offer its customers solutions tailored to their specific needs and requirements, ranging from classic Electronic Banking via online banking to ASP applications.

Omikron products are developed and constantly maintained in close collaboration with interbank and corporate working gorups and associations and are available for 20 countries and in 15 languages. Combined with the integration of all widespread European standards for customer-bank communication, this multilinguality underlines the international nature of the solutions, which are used by banks of all sizes, up to and including major international players. The enduring success and powerful market presence of this software - over 400 banks as licencees and about 200.000 corporates installations - ensures that Omikron customers are making a sound investment. The cooperation with international branches and partners ensures that Omikron products are optimally adapted to local requirements and services are available across Europe and beyond.

Omikron has extensive experience in the management of complex technical projects in the financial services sector, and provides its clients with comprehensive consulting services. These range from the conception and development of individual projects to the customization of standard solutions for implementation within a specific corporate framework.

For the day-to-day operations of Omikron applications, Omikron provides product-related support, including international helpdesk, system maintenance, training courses and web-based information services.