EBIT was founded in 2005. in Belgrade, Serbia. The founders had the idea of presenting the highest quality solution for Electronic Banking developed by EBIT's partners OMIKRON and OMIKRON HUNGARY. The high profile Electronic Banking solution is MultiCash - software well known to more than 400 banks who are clients of OMIKRON and it's partners. EBIT has started with MultiCash but later on we introduced some other high quality software packages developed by OMIKRON and it's partners.    

Our goal is that every organisation in Serbia gets to use professional software packages of the highest quality.

In order to reach our goal, EBIT has introduced to Serbian market some of the most sophisticated domestic and foreign IT solutions. Along with packages EBIT offers to it's clients we provide high level of professional support. Thus our clients are able to focus their energy away from time consuming operations confident that our software will do that for them.


For financial activities, the internationally established MultiCash product offers a wide range of options for cost-optimization by means of efficient Electronic Banking. The MultiCash platform, tailored to the requirements of large corporates, incorporates functionality for cash management, payments and close interaction with ERP-systems. The functional range can be easily extended by one or more of the many optional add-one modules.

MultiCash has been designed for use by medium- to large-sized corporates working with domestic and international payments with a number of banks, and requiring a means of cash management and decision-making support at one central point, linked to their accounting and/or ERP systems.

MultiCash is

* modular in design,
* bank-independent,
* fully international,
* efficient and secure for payments processing,
* flexible for use as a Cash Management tool,
* easy to integrate in any in-house environment.

More on MultiCash dedicated page.


Protect your reputation and your business
Ensure you are compliant with international and
   local regulations
Strengthen your Compliance and Risk
   Management activities
Avoid heavy fi nes and penalties for lack of
Keep full audit trails of all activity
Search years of due diligence data instantly

SafeWatch allows you to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations by filtering your
transactions and your customer database against the official watch lists.

SafeWatch emphasizes on enterprise-wide features such as :
Full auditing
Strong security and rights management
Integrated reporting

EBIT provides you a complete solution: we provide the software, and also the official black lists and their updates directly from SIDE.

More on SafeWatch dedicated page.







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